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Was ist Summertime?

Das Stück wurde von George Gershwin und Ira Gershwin 1933 für die Oper Porgy and Bess komponiert.

DuBose Heyward schrieb den Text und seine Frau Dorothy adapierte den Text aus dem Buch für die Oper.
Jeder kennt das Lied. Es ist eines der am meisten gecoverten Songs der Welt. Es sind ca. 2.500 verschiedene Versionen (manche behaupten sogar über 10.000) bekannt. Und jedes Jahr kommen neue hinzu.

Ich habe im Moment ca. 600 verschiedene Summertime Versionen! Und ich will sie alle !!!
Deshalb: Wer hat noch eine Version, die ich nicht besitze? Her damit! Am besten auf MP3!

Meine Liste der Summertime-Versionen | my list of Summertime versions [zurück]


Der Text
And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don't you cry
One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky
But till that morning
There's a'nothing can harm you
With daddy and mamma standing by
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Über 2000 bekannte Coverversionen (all music guide).
Gershwin's Summertime (Collectors Page)
Liste von ca. 8000 bekannten Versionen


Eine Liste meiner derzeitigen Summertime-Versionen.
A list of my current Summertime versions.
101 Strings
Abstracts (The Abstracts)
Akkerman, Jan (97- Unchain My Heart-Summertime)
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Amos, Tori
Amos, Tori (Live in Berlin)
Anderson, Ernestine (A Gershwin Songbook)
Anneliese Rothenberger-Summertime-incomplete
Applecorners (Live in Kempten-Germany)
Arefieva, Olga & Umka
Ariarirang, Sumi Jo
Armstrong, Louis
Armstrong, Louis & Billie Holliday
Armstrong, Louis & Doris Day
Armstrong, Louis & Ella Fitzgerald
Armstrong, Louis & Etta James
Armstrong, Louis (trumpet solo)
Asylum Street Spankers (Guy Forsyth & Christina Mars)
Athome Project
Atkins, Chet dif. version, slow
Atkins, Chet
Auldridge, Mike
Auldridge, Mike (Blues and Bluegrass)
Austin, Sil
Ayler, Albert
Bachman, Randy
Bachman, Randy (JazzThing)
Backer, Chet (2nd version)
Backus, Gus (live)
Baho Quartet
Bailey, Mildred
Bailey, Pearl
Baker, Anita & Cyrus Chestnut - Mildred Bailey
Baker, Chet (In Paris)
Baker, Chet
Baker, Chet (The Great Last Concert)
Baker, Duke very badly damaged tape 1979
Baker, Duke very badly damaged tape 19 impression of instruction guitar fingerpicking
Baker's, Yale Dozen - Mildred Bailey
Barber, Patricia (A Distortion of Love)
Barber, Patricia (A Distortion Of Love)2
Barber, Patricia
Barbershop Quartet - Porgy and Bess
Baretto, Ray (Carnaval)
Baretto, Ray (Guajira)
Basie, Count & Orchestra
Bates, Phil & Friends (A Little Light On An Electric Night)
Battle, Kathleen
Bechet, Sidney (Best of Sidney Bechet)
Bechet, Sidney (Complete Bluenote Recordings (1939-53))
Bechet, Sidney (Greatest Hits)
Bechet, Sidney (Les originaux)
Bechet, Sidney with Michel Attenouxïs Orchestra
Beckenstein, Jay
Benson, George
Berman, Mev Orchestra
Berman Orchestra, Mev (The Best of Gershwin Love Song (VA))
Best of Saxophone
Big Time Sarah
Bishop, Walter & John Donnelly & Clifford Barbaro
Blackwell, Harolyn
Blakey, Art Quartet
Bley, Paul (Changing Hands)
Bolton, Michael
Bolton, Michael (Vintage)
Bonfiglio (romantic harmonica)
Booker T & the MG's
Bostic, Earl (one of the best versions!)
Boy George (live)
Braff, Ruby & George Barnes Quartet - Summertime/Bidin' My Time
Brant, Mike
Brant, Mike (tchop tchop)
Breau, Lenny
Brightman, Sarah (In Concert)
Bromberg, Brian
Brown, Anne
Brown, James & Martha High
Brown, Ray & Gene Harris & Geoff Hamilton
Brown, Ray & John Clayton & Chtistian McBride (SuperBass 2)
Brown, Ray Trio
Brown Trio with Ulf Wakenius
Burns, Shelly & Avalon Swing
Burrell, Kenny & Washington, Groover
Burton, Gary & Friends
Buschmann, Kurt
BYU Vocal Point
Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral
Callas, Maria
Calloway, Cab
Canadian Brass (Porgy and Biss Suite)
Carlsberg Theme (Werbespot)
Carter, Ron
Carter, Ron with Herb Ellis & Kenny Barron (Jazz, My Romance)
Casale, Rossana
Casale, Rossana (Jazz In Me)
Catingub, Matt (Gershwin 100 (VA))
Charles, Ray & Cleo Laine
Charles, Ray & Laine, Cleo
Cher & Michael Ball (live, bootleg)
Chesterfield, Mr.
Chestnut, Cyrus & Baker, Anita
Chincinatti Pops Orchestra
Church, Charlotte
Clarke, Lloyd (Sca)
Clayderman, Richard (All By Myself)
Clinton, Bill (ex US-president w. Reduta Allstars)
Clooney, Rosemary & Bing Crosby (Rosie and Bing)
Cobham, Billy (Quadrant 4)
Cole, Nat King
Coltrane, John (Live in Birdland)
Coltrane, John
Columbo, Chris Quartet
Conniff, Ray
Conniff, Ray Singers (slower)
Connif, Ray Orchestra
Connor, Chris
Cooke, Sam (alternate version)
Cooke, Sam (Portrait of a Legend (1951-1964)) Part 1
Cooke, Sam (Portrait of a Legend (1951-1964)) Part 2
Coombs, Ann
Cooper, Ian (feat. Ike Isaacs)
Corea, Chick & Gary Burton
Corner, Chris
Cortez, Dave 'Baby'
Courtney Pine
Criss, Sonny
Criss, Sonny (The Complete Imperial Sessions)
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Bob
Crosby, Bob (newer version)
Cross, Sandra
Dakota Staton
Dandridge, Dorothy (Porgy And Bess, OST)
Davis, Miles & Gil Evans (master)
Davis, Miles & Gil Evans (Porgy and Bess)
Davis, Miles & Gil Evans (take 2)
Davis, Miles (Legendary Years)
Davis, Miles (live at Montreux)
Davis, Miles & Quincy Jones (Live At Montreux)
Davis, Miles (Take 2)
Davis, Skeeter
DCI (1982, live)
Dee Jays
DeJohnette, Jack (extra special edition)
Denny, Martin (Hypnotique)
Denny, Martin
Desmond, Paul
Desmond, Paul (Crystal Illusions)
Desmond, Paul (The Best Of Paul Desmond)
Dick Hyman & NHOP
Dijkstra, Ron & Experience (Live)
Dooley Trio, Kevein, The
Doors (Live 1)
Doors (Live 2)
Doors (Live 3-10-67)
Doreen's Jazz New Orleans
Drake, Nick (1967-68. rare home recordings)
Drake, Nick (The Complete Home Recordings)
Drew, Kenny Trio
Drury, Peters Trio
Drury Trio, Peters (When Old Met New)
Eckstine, Billy & Benny Carter
Edelhagen, Kurt
Ed & Jamey
Edmunds, Dave & Love Sculpture
Edwards, Nokie
Ellington, Duke
Emerson, Keith
Empire Brass
Energia (the living is easy remix)
European Jazz Trio
Evans, Bill
Fabian, Lara & Allison, Rick
Fabian, Lara
Faith, Adam
Farlowe, Chris
Farlow, Tal (Collection)
Farlow, Tal (The Return of Tal Farlow)
Farney, Dick
Farnham, John
Ferguson, Maynard
Ferguson, Maynard & Dinah Washington
Ferguson, Maynard Sextet
Ferguson, Maynard Sextet (at Expo '67 - 'Revisited')
Feyer, George
Fire and Ice Ltd
Fitzgerald, Ella (live Berlin 1960)
Fitzgerald, Ella (live, diff. version)
Fleming, Renee
Flying Pickets (live)
Focile & Pavarotti
Forsyth, Guy
Fountain, Pete
Fountain's French Quarter, Pete
Fred, Jacob Jazz Odyssey.Mp3
Free Design
Fresu, Paolo (Kind Of Porgy & Bess)
Friends of Dean Martinez
Fun Boy Three (12 Inch Mix)
Gabor Szabo
Gabriel, Peter & Larry Adler
Garcia, Jerry and David Grisman
Garland, Judy with Lena Horne
Garland, Red Trio
Garland Trio, The Red (All Kinds of Weather)
Garner, Erroll (Body and Soul) the best - ever !
Garner, Erroll
Garrett, Lesley
Gear, Jenny
Gerry & The Pacemakers
Getz, Stan
Getz, Stan (1964)
Getz, Stan (diff. version)
Getz, Stan & Joao & Astrud Gilberto
Gianni, Joolz
Gibson, Dan
Glad - The Gershwin Medley (A Cappella Gershwin)
Golden Gate Quartet
Gonzales, Tim (A Cold Shot Of Good Whiskey Blues (VA))
Gordon, Dexter Quartet
Goss, Matt (unplugged)
Goveia, Kasey
Grant, Gogi
Grapelli, Stephane Trio (Gershwin's Medley)
Grappelli & Disley & Wright & Skeat (London 73) Medley
Grappelli, Stephane & Menuhin
Grappelli, Stephane (solo with band)
Greatest Classical Album Sampler
Green, Al (Green Is Blues)
Greg Osby
Gullin, Lars (1951-1960)
Hackett, Robin (Lilith Fair Fina)
Halibuts, The
Hallberg, Bengt
Hall, Jim + Collette, Buddy (Unreleased Sessions)
Hancock, Herbie with Stevie Wonder & Joni Mitchell
Hanna Quartet, Sir Roland (plays Gershwin)
Hanna, Roland Sir
Harmer, Sarah (Songs For Clem)
Harnoy, Ofra & Friends
Harris, Gene
Harris, Gene & Ray Brown
Harris, Stefon & Blackout
Harvard Krokodiloes
Hawkins, Ronnie
Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Hellgate Jazz Band (live)
Henderson, Joe
Hervey, Pat (Mister Heartache)
Hi Hats
Hines, Earl
History Of Chill Out
Holiday, Billie
Horace Parlan, Horace (Complete Blue Note Sessions)
Horn, Lena
Horn, Shirley (At Yoshi)
Horn, Shirley (I Remember Miles)
Horn, Shirley (Live)
Houston, Whitney (Live in Washington 97)
Howlin' Wilf And The Veejays (James Hunter)
Hubbard, Freddie
Hutcherson, Bobby & George Cables
Hyman, Dick & NHOP
I Giganti (Italian Beat 68)
In Classical Mood
Indiana University Marching Hundred
Jackson, Mahalia
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Jardin, Cludad
Jarreau, Al
Jason Rebello, Jason
JATP All Stars
Jazzamor (Lazy sunday afternoon)
Jazz Vandall's, The
Jeanne Lee
Jeanne Le & Ran Blake - Summertime (incomplete)
Jessie, Howard Trio
Jim Murple Memorial
JMU (1997)
Joe & Eddie
Johnson, Molly
Johnson, Molly 2
Joplin, Janis (alternate take)
Joplin, Janis (Amsterdam 4-1-69)
Joplin, Janis (Cheap Thrills version)
Joplin, Janis (July 1969, Woodstock)
Joplin, Janis (live)
Joplin, Janis (live at Woodstock)
Joplin, Janis (live Winterland 68)
Joplin, Janis (live with Jimi Hendrix)
Jo, Sumi
Jo, Sumi & London Philharmonic Orchestra (Arirang)
Kaas, Patricia (Carnets De Scene)
Kanawa, Kin Te
Karaoke Version
Karr, Gary
Kelly Family (live)
Kennedy, Nigel
Kenny G & George Benson
Kentwood High School
Kessel, Barney
Kessel & Lemon & Baldrock & Richardson (Mont'73) with George Benson
Kidjo, Angelique (Portogisisch)
Kidjo, Angelique & St Germain
King's Singers, The
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland (Simmer, Reduce, Garnish, & Serve)
Krupa, Gene
Kukulska, Natalia & Norbi
Kyrkjebo, Sissel
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Lane, Morris (Kickin' & Wailin')
Last , James
Lee, Dinahe
Lee, Jeanne
Lee, Kaiko
Le, Jeanne & Ran Blake
Leloup, Jean (live)
Leloup, Jean (live bootleg 05-10-00 not-complete)
Leloup, Jean (Spectacle Qubec)
Levine, James & Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Porgy and Bess Suite
Levy's Wild Kingdom, Ron (B-3 Blues And Grooves)
Lightfoot, Terry (The Traditional Sounds (VA))
Lima, Carlos Barbosa
Linde, Ulf (Jazz 1948-52)
Long Beach Dub All Stars (live)
Los Indios Tabajaras
Love Sculpture
Lundell, Vicki (Somithing Cool)
Lundel, Vicki
MacRae, Gordon
Mae, Vanessa
Mae, Vanessa (The Classical Collection Part 1 (Virtuoso Album))
Magic Bubble
Magomaev, Muslim (Porgy and Bess)
Mainieri, Mike
Mance, Junior
Manilow, Barry
Manne Big Band, Shelly
Manne Quintet And Big Band, Shelly (Manne That's Gershwin)
Manne, Shelly (Shelley Manne & His Men at the Blackhawk)
Manne, Shelly (The Navy Swings)
Mann, Herbie
Mann, Herbie (live, dif. version)
Marcels, The
Marching Royal Dukes
Marie,Sharon (Pet Projects (The Brian Wilson Productions))
Markham (George's Majestic Lounge)
Marsalis, Delfeayo (Musashi)
Marsalis, Wynton
Marshall, Wayne
Marsh, Warne Quartet
Martino, Al
Mason & McIntosh & Williams & McKay
Maxine Howard & Rhythm'n Blues Explosion - Blues Shoes With No Strings -
Maynard Ferguson - Magnitude
Maynard Ferguson Sextet - At Expo '67 - Summertime (Revisited)
Maynard Ferguson - Six By Six
Mazz, Ray
McCall, Toussaint (Nothing Takes The Place Of You)
McCartney, Paul
McCartney, Paul (Soundcheck)
McCoy Tyner - Jazz For Lovers
McCoy Tyner - Jazz Roots
McDuff, Brother Jack
Mc Ghee, Howard
McGovern, Maureen (Naughty Baby)
McShann, Jay & Holley, Major
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (Are a Drag (VA))
Me First and The Gimme Gimmes (Live At The Warped Tour KY)
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Melissa Etheridge (live)
Merritt, Ron
Metheny, Pat & Jim Hall
Metheny, Pat & Jim Hall (One Quiet Night)
Metheny, Pat & Michael Brecker (live 2000)
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Marcus
Miller, Marcus (live)
Mingus, Charles
Mirta & Hot Acoustics
Mitrokhin's Master Band
Modern Jazz Quartet (Studio Version)
Modern Jazz Quartet (The - 20 Years of Music (All That Jazz))
Modern Jazz Quartet (The - Atlantic Jazz (Best Of The '60))
Modern Jazz Quartet (The - The Last Concert)
Moffo, Anna
Mohawk, Essra
Mongol (Reggae)
Mongo Santamaria (life, diff. version)
Mongo Santamaria (live)
Mongo Santamaria (Skin on Skin)
Montgomery, Wes (Complete Live At Jorgies)
Montgomery, Wes (Far Wes)
Montgomery, Wes & Smith, Jimmy
Morcheeba & Hubert Laws (Big Calm)
Morcheeba (rare, div. mix)
Morgan, Lee
Mr. Review live
Mr. Review (Lock, Stock & Barrel, Ska)
Murphy, Patrick J. (Freshly Canned!)
Musica Clasica
Mystic Moods Orchestra (Nighttide)
Negative Space (Hard, Heavy, Mean & Evil)
Nelson, Ricky
Nelson, Willie & Leon Russell (One For The Road)
New South Jazz Orchestra
Newton-John, Olivia (Indigo Women Of Song)
New York Voices (The Army Blues)
Nichols, Red and the Five Pennies
Nichols, Red & the Five Pennies (Masters Of Dixieland)
Nissens, Peter New Orleans Band
Norby, Caecilie
Number Nine Bread Street (Number Nine Bread Street)
Oberon (A Midsummer's Night Dream)
Ohio Players (incomplete)
Oler, Newell
Olstead, Renee
One G Plus Three
Oosterhuis, Trijntje (Strange Fruit)
Optimistid - Suveaeg
Paich, Marty (Leopard Lounge 2)
Papa John DeFrancesco (Comin' Home)
Papetti, Fausto
Parker, Charlie & Chet Baker, Buddy Rich
Parton's, Bob Jazztech Big Band
Pass, Joe
Pass, Joe & Peterson, Oscar
Patchworks (Saint Germain Cafe, Vol. 3)
Pavarotti (My heart's delight, female)
Pepper, Art (Mosaic Select Vol.2)
Pepper, Art (Mosaic Select Vol.3)
Pepper, Art
Peter Nissens New Orleans Band feat. Fred Lonzo and Gene ''Mighty Flea'' Connors (The Spirt Of New Orleans 5)
Peterson, Oscar
Peterson, Oscar (Exclusively For My Friends)
Peterson, Oscar (Gershwin Song Books)
Peterson, Oscar (Porgy & Bess)
Peterson, Oscar & Trumpet Kings (Jousts)
Petrucciani, Michel & Louiss, Eddy
Petrucciani, Michel
Petrucciani, Michel & Tony (Conversation)
Pharcyde & Sublime
Philadelphia Orchestra (at Albet Hall)
Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy (Sweet Dreams (VA))
Phillips, Ester
Pinkerton, Larry
Platters, The (Golden Hits)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Preservation Hall Jazz (Songs of New Orleans, Part I)
Price, Leontyne
Prince & Candy Dulfer (Disco 2000)
Prince with Candy Dulfer (Solo)
Private Lounge
Quasthoff, Thomas & The Berlin Philharmonic Jazz Group (Live In Berlin)
Quiet Strom
Quinn, Freddy
Rampal, Jean-Pierre
Rawls, Lou
Rebello, Jason
Red Hot and Blue
Redman, Joshua (2)
Redman, Joshua
Red Saunders (South Side Jazz)
Reeves, Dianne (Live)
Reid, Harvey
REM (Borderline Club, London, live)
REM (MTV unplugged)
Residents, The (George & James)
Reys, Rita & Jacobs, Pim Combo (Music for Millions)
Reys, Rita & Pim Jacobs Trio (Marriage in Modern Jazz)
Rice, Tony & John Carlini
Richard -Groove- Holmes
Ricks, Jimmy & Ravens
Righteous Brothers (You've Lost That Lovin Feelin)
Roberts, Marcus (Gershwin for Lovers)
Robeson, Paul (Ol' Man River His 25 Greatest)
Rogers, Shorty & Dick Morrissey (Live At The Bull's Head)
Rollins, Sonny
Rollins, Sonny & Coleman Hawkins
Rollins, Sonny & Coleman Hawkins (Sonny Meets Hawk!)
Roos, Mary (Sommerzeit, deutsch, in German)
Rosenberg Trio & Bireli Lagrene et Christian Escoude (Live A Vienne File)
Rosenberg Trio (Live In Samois)
Ross, Jackie
Royal Philarmonic Orchestra
Rumpf, Inga
Saint Germain.wma
Sam & Dave
Sample, Joe
Santo & Johnny
Schneider, Helge
Schroeder, John Orchestra
Schumann, Coco
Selections From Porgy & Bess
Shake Spears, The
Shank, Bud & Bob Florence
Sharon, Marie
Shaw, Artie
Shaw, Artie & Roy Eldrige
Shaw, Artie (Shellack)
Shaw, Artie (V-Disc)
Shearing, George - The Jazz Piano
Shipp Duo, Matthey w. William Parker (Zo)
Shipp, Matthew & William Parker (free jazz)
Simone, Nina
Simone, Nina (live, dif. version)
Simone, Nina (live)
Sims, Zoot, Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass (Zoot Sims and The Gershwin Brothers)
Sinatra, Frank (Porgy And Bess Medley)
Sinatra, Frank (Porgy And Bess Medley, radio w. talk)
Skamp (hip-hop, original mix)
Skamp (Summertime 2000 mix)
Slim, Memphis & Willie Dixon (Jazz In Paris at Trois Mailletz)
Sloane, Carol (I loves you Porgy-Summertime)
Smashing Pumpkins (live 98-07-20)
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Jimmy
Smith, Jimmy (live)
Smith, Jimmy (Master 2)
Smith, Jimmy & Montgomery, Wes
Smith, Jimmy Trio & Kenny Burrell
Smith, Johnny 'Hammond' (Jazz Organ Summit)
Soares, J & Sexteto
Sojka, Stanislaw.mp2
Sokyrka, Theresa (These Old Charms)
Solal, Martial (Leipziger Jazztage)
Sommers, Joanie
Sonny & Cher (The Wondrous World Of)
Spirit Of Northwestern Demon Marching Band
Stan Whitmire, Stan
Stepanski, Dion Jazz Trio
Stereophonics (acoustic)
Stewart, Billy (long version)
Stewart, Billy (single version)
Stoltzman, Richard
Sublime feat Snoop Dogg Remix, Unreleased
Sublime & Mad Lion - Doin' Time Eerie Splendor Remix
Sublime & Pharcyde (hip-hop)
Sublime (rare Mad Lion remix)
Sublime Reggae mix
Sublime & Snoop (div. mix.)
Sublime & Snoop Dogg
Sublime (Wyclef Jean remix)
Suit & Tie Guy
Sullivan, Joe (1941)
Surge feat. Sally Strawberry (techno, quietman remix)
Swingle Singers
Symfunny Orchestra (Robert Lafond) (Classiks On Toys)
Symphonic Rock Orchestra (Porgy & Bess)
Szabo, Gabor
Szilbersztejn, Miyuko
Takemitsu, Toku (Songs for Guitar)
Taylor, Martin
Taylor, Sam (Best Of)
Taylor, Sam (Super Instrumental #8)
Taylor, Sam 'The Man'
Taylor, Vince
Ten Years After (Undead)
Theatre Organ
Thielemans, Toots
Thielemans, Toots (The Live Takes) - I Loves You Porgy/Summertime
Thielemans, Toots + Bill Evens
Thornton, Big Mama
Three Sounds, The (The Best Of)
Thurston Clarinet Quartet (Rhapsody-Summertime)
Tjader, Cal - Summertime-Bess-u.o.
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (Live)
Trashmen (Bird Call! The Twin City Stom)
True, Vikki
Turrentine, Stanley
Twilight Singers, The (She Loves You)
Tyner, McCoy
Uchida, Yuya & The Flowers
unbekannt - Chillout Album-Vol.3
unbekannt (instrumental)
unbekannt - Prince -
Upchurch, Phil & The L.A. Jazz Quintet
USAF Jazz Ensemble, The
Valdez, Krystime
Valencia, Rosinha De
Van Helden, Amand (feat. Mi Madre)
Vaughan, Sarah (Gershwin Live!) - Medley Overture Porgy and Bess/Summertime
Vaughan, Sarah (Live Belgrad Summer Jazz Festival, 1973)
Vaughan, Sarah
Vaughan, Sarah (The Divine Sarah Vaughan (Columbia Years 1949-1953))
Vaughan, Sarah (UFO remix)
Vaughan, Sarah (Ultimate Sarah Vaughan)
Vaughan, Sarah (Verve Remixed UFO Remix)
Ventures (Mashed Potatoes And Gravy)
Vincent, Gene
Vocal Point
Vogel, Vic (Le Big Band)
Waalkes, Otto
Wailers (Out Of Our Tree)
Wakeman, Rick (live)
Wakeman, Rick (Rhapsodies)
Wakeman, Rick (studio)
Wakeman, Rick (The Classical Connection 2)
Walker Brothers (Portrait)
Walker, Michelle (Slow Down)
Walsh, Bob
Washington, Dinah (Live)
Wass feat. Earl T. (Cafe Solaire, Vol. 4 (Deep Cool))
Wass feat. Earl T. (Happiness (For Soul And Body))
Waters, Patty & Jessica Williams (Love Songs)
Waters, Patty & Williams, Jessica
Watson, Doc & David Grisman
Watson, Doc & Then and Now (1973-74)
Watson, Johnny
Way-lites, The
Weinstein, Mark (Seasoning)
Weisberg, Tim
Werner, Susan
When People Were Shorter And Lived By The Water - Intro/Summertime
Whittaker, Roger (The Best Of)
Wild, Earl
Wilkinson, Colm
Williams, Andy
Williams, John (frensh version!)
Witherspoon, PJ
Womack, Bobby
Womack, Bobby & Roots
Woods Quintet, Phil (Smooth Jazz (VA))
Wright, Danny
Wunderlich, Klaus
Xanadu Artists (Xanadu At Montreux 1978, Vol. 4)
Xavier High School Choir
Zombies, The (Zombie Heaven)
Zombies, The (Zombie Heaven) Demo
Zoot, Oscar & Joe Pass
Zoot, Sims

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